Become a member

Why Should I Become a Member of St. James Church?
Finding a faith community can be difficult, but when you find the right one, you know you are home.  Making a formal commitment to a faith community is an important step on a journey of faith.  Membership provides a point of reference from which you can venture out on a life-long journey of faith.  Membership also brings you into a fellowship of other members – fellow pilgrims – who are on faith journeys of their own.  The Christian life is a life lived by faith-filled individuals who gather as a community of faith in Christ. Being a member helps foster an ever-growing community that provides a safe place to ask questions and listen for the voice of our loving and living God.

Who can be a member of St. James?
Membership at St. James is open to all baptized Christians.  Whether you were baptized in the Episcopal Church or in another Christian denomination, you are welcome to join St. James.

What if I have never been baptized?
First, you are certainly welcome here at St. James!  Second, we encourage you to explore and learn more by attending “Getting to Know St. James,” our twice-a-year introduction to the life of St. James.  If you like what you find there, we happily invite you to consider our Inquirer’s Class and Newcomer’s Dinner, which are also offered twice a year.  These two steps will help you determine if you would like to be baptized here.  Those who complete the classes and dinner may be baptized at the Easter Vigil or at another specified time during the church year.

How can I become more familiar with St. James Church?
Visit our Newcomers’ page for information about our informal get-acquainted sessions and classes or call the office to set up a meeting to meet with Fr. John.