Reflections & Sermons from Fr. John

Reflections & Sermons from Fr. John

Reflections & Sermons

Fr. John’s Easter Message 2017

Dear Parish Family,
I began pondering warmer weather (as I am sure many of you did) on April 1, as fresh falling snow was blanketing our community. I remember saying to myself, “it cannot do this next year” as April 1, 2018 is Easter Day. Watching the snow and dreaming about warmer weather while thinking about Easter, I remembered a picture from many years ago. It is a picture of my sister Emily, standing in our driveway on Easter Day before leaving for Church. The picture is ca. 1994. Emily is in her Easter dress and hat, beaming a big smile against a background of new life. The bushes behind her are all budding, the trees are beginning to fill with leaves, roses are in bloom, bumblebees are “abuzz” and the sky is a bright blue. It is a warm, sunny Easter Day proclaiming hope. It is a picture of joy, beauty and life.
Over the last several years and continuing today, our nation has been experiencing lots of inner turmoil. This has bubbled over into discontent, anger, hostility and frustration as well as great uncertainty. All of which has resulted in unsettling feelings that have caused rifts and divisions, for some, within their very own families and circle of friends. There was an article posted the other day entitled “Share Hope this Easter.” This is a message that should resound with all of us for Easter and should be our joy this Easter season. As we continue to struggle and at times unfortunately argue over our different views, opinions and beliefs in terms of politics as well as in other areas, we are blessed to proclaim, just as the hymn “O Little Town of Bethlehem” proclaims, Christmas comes once more, Easter now comes once more and the message of Easter, new life, Salvation which brings hope is ours to carry with us and share.
          My sisters and brothers, let the blessing of bringing the hope of Easter into our world, the promise of new-life, restoration, Salvation be our joy. Let the hope of Easter fill those places in us of disquiet and concern. Let the hope of Easter penetrate the places of hurt and upheaval in our nation and our world through sharing that hope. Easter does not subscribe to any political ideology or belief, it does not cast discontent or blame, it is solely the proclamation of the love of Jesus Christ for all creation, His creation. It is the promise through Resurrection that Jesus’ Risen presence abides in our world and in our individual lives now, forever and for always. Jesus’ Resurrection to new life promises us our resurrection to new life. My sister’s picture from so many years ago was filled with warmth, happiness and life. It proclaimed the qualities of Easter that have only become brighter as we move ever closer to the eternal Eastertide. Bring solace, bring happiness, bring warmth to our world by sharing hope this Easter!
           I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Holy Week and a joyous, hope-filled Eastertide, and I look forward to greeting you at our Holy Week and Easter services. Safe travels for those visiting us and for those of us heading to other places. God bless us this Easter and all the days of our life.

Yours in Christ,

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