Reflections & Sermons from Fr. John

Reflections & Sermons from Fr. John

Reflections & Sermons

Dear Parish Family,

On October 23rd, our Senior Warden Joan Miller announced to our parish that in just a few weeks our Church will be covered in scaffolding as we replace the roofs over both the Church and Parish House.  This announcement comes following much hard work and due-diligence by our Vestry, office staff and members of the buildings and grounds committee in considering options, gathering several different bids from roofing companies in our area, reviewing references and recommendations and finally signing a contract with one of these companies which happened in mid-October.

The roof over the Parish House is old and needs to be replaced, as it is time.  Unfortunately, the roof over the Church is another story.  The last time this roof was replaced (around 2002) the work was not done properly.   Over the last several years shingles have fallen off because they were not secured properly and were unable to withstand high winds.  Several leaks have also developed in different sections of the roof.  While we have had these leaks fixed, new ones continue to emerge and we have not been able to have all these leaks sealed.  All this was compounded by the harsh winter of 2015, which caused ice dams to form making the area outside the sacristy hazardous to pedestrians for several weeks and also caused leaks to emerge in the sacristy as well.

Due to the generous gifts of a couple of anonymous donors as well as insurance help from the damage incurred from the winter of 2015, the Vestry voted to replace the roofs over the Church and Parish House.  Combined with the replacement of the retaining wall in the spring of 2015 this will insure that St. James continues its Mission of being “a strong and loving community that welcomes, encourages and empowers all to grow in Christ and to do God’s work in the world”, as well as be a safe, warm and inviting parish in the heart of Amesbury.

The Vestry will be opening a new capital account which parishioners can allocate money, to be reserved for future capital projects as designated by the Vestry.  Some of these may include beginning work on a Memorial Garden as well as refurbishment of some of our stained glass windows.
This is an exciting time for St. James as we continue to strive to be the hands, feet and eyes of Christ to Amesbury and our world and to know our Church will continue to be safe, inviting, and vibrant for all who come through our doors.

Please keep the parish and the roofers of Aulson Roofers in your prayers as we begin this work and please know that you all remain in my daily thoughts and prayers.

Yours in Christ,

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