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The Vestry of St. James Episcopal Church in Amesbury is very excited to welcome our new Rector, The Reverend John Satula.

 Fr. John joined us on Sunday, December 21, 2015

Fr. John graduated from Elmira (NY) College with a degree in Theater.  He received his M.Div. from the General Theological Seminary; and a Master’s Degree in Church History, Biblical Studies and Christian Education from Duke University.  He has previously served congregations in Wilton, CT; Gainesville, FL; and Newtown, CT.  He was unanimously recommended by the Search Committee, and the Committee’s recommendation was unanimously approved by the Vestry.

Blessings – and our heartfelt thanks – to all the members of the St. James Search Committee, who have met, prayed, traveled, questioned, considered, discussed and discerned for the past two years, as we waited with God to call a new Rector to succeed Rev. Susan Esco Chandler.  Our Search Committee was co-chaired by Cindy Janik and Jenn Sanborn; and included Jilleen Collins, Laurie Dawe, Paul Fenner, Valerie Gates, Jamie Grant, Beth Mauch and Linda Davis Siess.

We are grateful to all the clergy who have been with us during this two-year journey, including: Rev. Suzanne Colburn; Rev. Dee Woodward; Rev. Christen Frothingham and Rev. Jonathan MacKenzie.

Thanks, also, to Diocesan consultant Carol Kingston, the Diocesan Office of Transitional Ministry, Rev. Jean Baptiste Ntagengwa and Bishop Alan Gates for their assistance in the process of calling our new Rector.

We plan to have a formal ceremony of installation with Bishop Gates in May.