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Saying Good-bye – The Gospels of Easter


I have been looking ahead toward the Gospels we will be sharing between Easter and Trinity Sunday. For me that means: “between Easter and God be with you.”

I consider Jesus, who, before his Easter Passion, talked also about his leaving.

He was clear that he would be going.

He used the time well, to teach his friends, and he loved them as well as he could while he walked among them. Scripture says, “He loved them to the end.”

And he prayed for them – deep and hard.

I hope we have done some of that. I know that you have been clear and faithful friends for me and I have learned much from you and I certainly know that we have prayed.

We have also walked together. There have been picnics in the sun, walks in the rain, and, God knows, plenty of shared snow. We have married, baptized and buried. We have endured crucifixion and we have celebrated resurrection. We have even gone bowling.

But now we look to the end-game. I’m searching through the stories of the Easter season for what remains and for what we can learn. These stories are a gift and a grace. I am sure they will shed light on the blessings that endure when loving and committed relationships change. They will help us understand how we live into that which endures – often a wisdom that is deeper and love that is clearer and a purpose that is strong and courageous.

So let us join together for these wonderful Easter gospel Sundays. We begin on the road to Emmaus where we will break bread together.  It is a good way to begin to end. Let us see what more we can discover before our summer paths part.


Rev. Dee