Pastoral Care

The vision and mission of Pastoral Care at St. James is to celebrate the joys of birth, marriage, and family as well as to provide support in the sorrows of death, divorce, and failure in fulfillment of God’s command to love one another as God loves us. We seek to connect parishioners within the St. James community to provide a network of care in times of need.

St. James celebrates being an extended family with ‘brothers and sisters’ who care about one another.

We have a dedicated team of trained and certified Eucharistic Visitors who visit
parishioners and parish friends in their homes, hospitals or retirement communities. Many people appreciate an occasional visitor and this ministry provides an ongoing relationship with St. James and demonstrates Christian love and care within our wider community.

Please contact the St. James Office directly with any questions regarding baptism, marriage or funeral arrangements.  We can be reached at 978-388-0030 or via e-mail at