Children & Teens

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The goal of Christian Education is to provide our children with a Christian Foundation upon which to build their lives.

Each scheduled Sunday, your K thru 5th grade child will learn about the Christian Faith and participate in fun and educational activities.

At St. James Sunday school begins at 9:45 a.m.  Children go directly to their classrooms, younger ones escorted by parents.  Children K – 5 will join the congregation for Eucharist, then return to classrooms for feast and prayers.  Students are dismissed immediately following the end of service. There are no classes scheduled during major holidays and MA school vacations. All of our educators are certified in the Episcopal Church’s Safe Church training and Godly Play Core training.

Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade

Godly Play, a Montessori-related approach to learning, uses Bible stories, parables, and liturgical lessons to nourish each child’s individual spiritual development.  The program consists of story-telling, wondering, and response time. Story-tellers use hand crafted props to illustrate the sacred stories and children may use them in their story response time.  You can learn more about Godly Play by accessing their website at

Grades 3rd thru 5th

This class also uses the Godly Play core curriculum adding enhancements to meet the needs of older children who have developed a base of knowledge through the program, and can use more advanced reasoning skills and Christian language.

Sunday Worship Opportunities

Students entering 5th grade are a welcome addition to Sunday morning worship as readers, torch bearers, and acolytes.  Additional opportunities are the Altar Guild and Audio & Visual support mentor program.  Training is provided for all students who are interested.

Youth Group

For activities, our teens excel! From ‘Dinner & a Movie’ to traveling to the Barbara C. Harris Camp for a retreat or working to clean up the banks of the Merrimack River, this is the ‘go to’ group for the pulse of the parish! Environmentally aware, believers in God’s love and mercy for all, always ready to move with the needs of others and to help feed the hungry.

Grade 9 and up Rite of Confirmation

Now is the time to prepare for Confirmation in the Episcopal Church. This class prepares student through Episcopalian formation as they engage in their own faith journey using the text: My Faith, My Life – A Teen’s Guide to the Episcopal Church by Jennifer Gamber.  You can access the Leader Guide by clicking on this link:  myfaithmylife