Online Sunday School & Youth Class links

Even when we can’t be together physically, we can still gather – online! – for worship and learning.

Click on the links to explore thoughtful activities for children, families, and friends!

Everyone – of any age – is invited to take a look, on your own schedule: discover new ways to think about and enjoy God’s Word. Sign up to receive email announcements and invitations:

What are your thoughts? Email our Christian Education Director, Linda Davis Siess.

Online Sunday School – 5/31/2020 – Happy Birthday, Church!/Gifts of the Spirit:

Online Sunday School – 5/24/2020 – Meet Bede the Venerable:

Online Sunday School – 5/17/2020 – God’s Top Ten:

Youth Class, 5/15/2020 – If You Love Me/Keep My Commandments:

Online Sunday School – 5/10/2020 – Mother’s Day/Nurturers:

Online Sunday School – 5/3/2020 – Jesus the Shepherd, Jesus the Gate:

Youth Class, 5/1/2020 – Jesus the Shepherd, Jesus the Gate:

Online Sunday School, 4/26/2020 – Jesus is known by the Breaking of the Bread:

Online Sunday School, 4/18/2020 – Doubting Thomas & Peace:

Youth Class, 4/17/2020 – Doubting Thomas & Peace:

EASTER JOY! our Easter Online Sunday School class:

Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Triduum resources for family worship:

Online Sunday School, 4/4/2020 – Palm Sunday:

Youth Class, 4/3/2020 – Palm Sunday:

Online Sunday School, 3/29/2020 – The Lord’s Prayer:

Online Sunday School, 3/22/2020 – The Lord Is My Shepherd, Psalm 23:

Youth Class, 3/21/2020 – The Lord Is My Shepherd, Psalm 23:

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