Welcome to our new Christian Education Coordinator

Linda Davis Siess
Coordinator for Children and Youth Programs for St. James and St. Paul’s in Newburyport

Congratulations to Linda Davis Siess, a 20+ years’ member of St. James, is honored and delighted to be named the Coordinator for Children and Youth Programs, a position shared with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Newburyport. Linda will be dividing her time between both parishes and hopes to develop shared activities for children and families in the two communities. She will be working with and for teachers and families at each church, including Godly Play and Weaving With God’s Promises classes at St. James, and Cherub Church and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd classes at St. Paul’s. She’ll be planning programs and interacting with youth and the Diocese, and brainstorming with everyone! Linda invites you to share your thoughts and ideas with her at any time – during coffee hour, for instance, or online atstjames.christianeducation@gmail.com.
Linda recently shared this prayer:

Dear God,

Bless our children, families, and teachers.
Please be with us and especially with our children.

Please help each of us to be teachers, through our honest and patient examples –

to be kind, to seek fairness for all, to ask for help, to be helpers, to know peace.

Give us all confidence, and charity, and compassion.

Help us to be strong and loving, reaching out to those who hurt or have any need,and celebrating with joy all that is good.

And please be with me as I do my best to serve the children, my St. James’ and St. Paul’s church families, and You, with strength and courage, with praise and thanksgiving.

Help us all to walk in love.
Through Christ your Son, the Great Teacher,

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