Women on the Journey – 2017 Retreat

Deepening your Faith Through Creativity and Prayer
Saturday, October 21, 2017
Adelynrood Retreat and Conference Center
46 Elm Street • Byfield, Massachusetts
Cost: $20.00 – includes lunch
Registration deadline October 14, 2017
Gathering and social time 8:30 a.m.
Program: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
How would you express yourself if you had all the time in the world? Write a poem, try a new recipe, sing a song, sew a quilt, create a spreadsheet? Often we don’t recognize our own gifts or perhaps we haven’t had the time or confidence to explore what they could be. After all—
• A pad of paper is ordinary until one begins to write—a letter, poem, or prayer;
• A piece of fabric is just a cloth until it is cut and sewn into something magnificent ;
• A music sheet is blank before the notes are added;
• A ball of yarn is just that until knitted or crocheted into a blanket, sweater or socks;
• A slab of clay is empty and void of form, before the potter puts their hands to it;
• A recipe is nothing until its ingredients are combined and prepared with love.
There are other forms of creativity, which are more abstract:
• Coming up with a good idea;
• Taking what we already know and making it into something different;
• Problem-solving, creating a spread sheet, responsible parenting, creative homemaking.
• Perhaps we pray more easily when we’re in a quiet space, with no rush, or out in nature.
Deepening your Faith through creativity
• If being creative brings us closer to God and Prayer is a tool to help us to be creative these two gifts can deepen your Faith as you create and talk to God.
This “holy creativity” belongs to each of us, not just to recognized artists. Join us in a serene setting exploring how we can deepen our faith.
Contact Kim Potts at 978-397-8233 or Paulette Nolan at 978-918-4359 or
email them at womenonthejourney120@gmail.com.
The Women on the Journey meets the third Saturday of each month.  Check the St. James’ Event Calendar on the front page of our website at stjamesamesbury.org.

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